About Us

ODM SYSTEMS provides consultancy to its customers in adapting the OCP model for efficient data centre solutions. We provide the hardware and software solutions to achieve a OCP concept in existing IT infrastructure.

ODM SYSTEMS design the data centre solution and eliminate the need of OEM vendors for any licensing. It provides consultancy on implementing Open Platform Designs in hardware and software solutions so that the customer can utilise its infrastructure in a more efficient way.

The Open Compute Project (OCP) is the specification design for data centre products adapted among all leading manufactures like Apple, Cisco, Juniper Networks and others. The forum shares a generic design methodology with primary objective of achieving three distinct goals:


The OCP compliant servers are modular and works on building block concepts; achieving high scalability. It provides advantages over legacy design with turnkey solutions which can be reconfigured and extended with ease.

Cost Efficiency

The OCP model optimizes system design and configuration to a minimum required state. It removes all unwanted components from motherboard and software stack; providing very lean design.

Energy Optimization

OCP compliant servers are 40% more energy efficient than legacy servers.